Contest Today — Win New Upper Level Science Textbook

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UPDATE: Jody Dudek and Lori are our winners.

Novare Science and Math is a new publisher of science textbooks and resources for Christian educators. Author, teacher and speaker John D. Mays is a 13-year science, math and humanities teacher, a lover of fine literature, and father of three beautiful daughters. In the wake of growing demand for his books and teaching philosophy, he has turned his labors to full-time development of a new generation of science texts with a refreshing new approach to discovering God’s world.

Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry (ASPC) is a premier science text for any student who has completed Algebra I. By treating essential topics with more depth, ASPC enables a more thorough inquiry, so that students learn, master and retain. A gallery of sample pages is available here, including the Table of Contents. Hardback, sewn bindings will last longer and retain their resale value. The formatting and layout of the books follow Novare Science and Math’s unique design philosophy, employing beautiful, mature graphics free from hype and distraction. Historical information, so essential for a true understanding of science, is integrated into the text, not made optional by being put in a sidebar. Each chapter includes learning objectives, problem sets with answers, and is written in appropriate 9/10 grade-level English. A companion CD is available with quizzes, exams, answer keys, review guides, lesson schedule, a sample lab report and more.

The best science education is one that draws students upward to the adult world of scientific study, and encourages a response of worship to the loving Creator who made all things. Novare Science and Math believes in a paradigm of 1) MASTERY of concepts and tools of scientific study, 2) INTEGRATION of complimentary subjects such as history and technical writing, and 3) a KINGDOM perspective so that students are led to “love the Lord their God with all their mind.

Available at Novare Science and Math.

Novare Science and Math is giving away TWO copies of Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry. Leave a comment below, and on Wednesday night we’ll pick the TWO winners.