Written Narrations for Eight Year Old?

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I recently received a copy of your book Teaching the Trivium. I have read it through and am reading it again. I am very interested in the ways that you differ in some of your approaches from the other classical educators. Some suggest written narration by third grade but I have found that my son’s (8 years old) narrations are really weak. I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me sooner but he’s not “saying” anything because he doesn’t want to write it all down. (duh!!!) I will cease to make him write his narrations down and will just let him talk. We could certainly use those painstaking hours to listen to me read and discuss more. It literally takes him 45 minutes to write 3 short uninteresting sentences. Thanks for your insight. I’m still not sure how to carve out two hours per day for read alouds. I guess it is still a matter of priorities. I’m afraid to let go of the seatwork. I’ll keep reading your book. Maybe it will build my confidence. Thanks for your insight. Your book have been my find of the year. My husband has noticed a change in the attitudes around here and has asked about it. Your book has really helped me to gain more of an eternal focus. It’s almost been like reading a devotional. Thanks. Janice Kerswell


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