Writing helps students retain information

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Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum

From the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum Newsletter

Here is a tip from Home School Academy.

“Make weekly summaries — I know what you’re thinking — this seems like a very time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be dreadful! I, among many others, have found that keeping a summary notebook for each course is very beneficial for retaining information for longer periods of time.”

This is a good idea. This is not simply for cramming for an exam. This is for gaining greater understanding. We forget so much in life.

In my curriculum, instead of a weekly summary, there is a weekly essay for every social science and humanities course, grades 4-12. Writing helps students retain information. It also helps them develop a crucial life-long skill. Greater success in every career benefits is gained through accurate, clear, persuasive writing.

Either way, a student should write weekly in every verbally based course.


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