Words to liven up your summer

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• brio = vigor, lively energy

• comeuppance = deserved fate, something unpleasant, regarded as a just punishment for somebody

• consigliere = an adviser to the leader of a crime syndicate (organized-crime boss)

• expropriate = to take something (property or money) away from the rightful owner, either legally for the public good or illegally by theft or fraud

• falderal = foolish nonsense

• gratuitous = unnecessary and unjustifiable; received or given without payment or obligation; LAW: not requiring any benefit or compensation in return

• machismo = an exaggerated sense or display of masculinity, emphasizing characteristics that are conventionally regarded as male, usually physical strength and courage, aggressiveness, and lack of emotional response

• malaise = a general feeling of illness or sickness of no diagnostic significance; a general feeling of worry, discontent, or dissatisfaction, often resulting in lethargy

• milieu = the surroundings or environment that somebody lives in and is influenced by

• moribund = in the process of becoming obsolete; nearly dead

• replete = amply, completely, or fully supplied or equipped with something

• roil = to make or to become opaque, to stir up a liquid so that the sediment becomes dispersed through the liquid and makes it cloudy, or become cloudy with sediment by being stirred; to make somebody angry

• thrall = domination, a condition of being controlled by a more powerful person or force; somebody whose life is completely controlled by a more powerful person or a moral or intellectual force; … by a particular physical or mental need

• timbre = the quality or color of tone of an instrument or voice; the quality of a speech sound that comes from its tone rather than its pitch or volume


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