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UPDATE: Here are the answers and entries.

cystitis – cyst (fluid filled sac) itis (inflammation) = inflammation of a cyst or fluid-filled sac

euthanasia – eu (good) thanasia (death) = a good death, to kill mercifully to end suffering

heterochromia – hetero (different) chrom (color) ia (a condition of) = a condition of different colors (like one green eye and one brown)

retrolingual – retro (behind) lingu (tongue) al (pertaining to) – referring to something located behind the tongue

Jennifer Stewart
Dianne Catlin
Nichelle Nelson
Carla Barker
Carolina Bengry
Selisa McDonald
Diane Etherton
Claire Montenegro
Kimery Lorenz
Maria Mitchell ——WINNER

The tenth person to email me (bluedorn AT triviumpursuit DOT com) the correct answer to the following question will win a copy of the book A Thesaurus of Medical Word Roots by Horace G. Danner and Roger Noel.

iso- means “equal” or “alike”; thermal means “temperature”; isothermal means “equality of temperature”.

circum- means “around”; renal means “kidney”; circumrenal means “around the kidney”.

Using this same method of analysis, what do these words mean:


Email me your answers.

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  1. Jennifer Stewart

    I LOVE doing word studies like this – it definitely puts many of the “confusing” verses of the Bible into perspective! 😀 Thanks for this fun contest!!


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