Where is Toodles today?

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Seth Paul Mehtar Lam Afghanistan for blog

Seth Paul Mehtar Lam Afghanistan2 for blog

The 20th person to email me the name of the country wins a copy of the new edition of The Fallacy Detective.

UPDATE: Here are the correct entries, in order received.

Toodles is in Afghanistan with Mr. Paul (no relation to Ron Paul, unfortunately)

Angela in OK
Hillary Moore
Cindy Richards
Peggy Brooks
Andrea Kincannon
Gina Glenn
Kimery Lorenz
Bailey Clan
Deborah Pattie
Lea Ann Garfias
Eve Hullette
Kimberly @ Raising O
Megan Volmer
Betsy Negley
Jennie Heberg
Bryan & Kim
Jen Snyder
Heather Searle
Carla Barker ————-WINNER
Johan Schütte
Szabolcs Gergely

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