Where is Little Bitty Baby Today?

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She’s at the Curt Kappenman house, being read by the children.

Please notice the beautiful bars of soap on the table. The Kappenman family specialize in soap making, and on their website you can buy ready-made soap and all kinds of soap making supplies. I keep several of their creations right here beside me at the computer so I can enjoy the fragrance all day long — my own version of aromatic therapy. The Kappenmans named their business Phoebe Rose Soaps after their youngest daughter.

Phoebe Rose and Bless the Lord

There is a story behind the purple dress in the first picture above. Mrs. Kappenman says

The lacy top is actually an antique garment, made by my family many years ago. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, my great-aunts had a home sewing business, specializing in baby clothes and children’s clothes. In cleaning out their attic last summer, I came across baby outfits that had been saved for generations, (even before they started their sewing business), including the lacy bodice. It barely fit Phoebe, but my Pastor’s wife was able to add a little to it, enlarging it enough for me to let her wear it this spring! I like to think maybe it was worn by the Phoebe she was named for! If that Phoebe had in fact worn it, she’d be 106 today!


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