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Hi Laurie,

On your suggestion, I am reading Penrod to my boys, and I think it hilarious. However, my boys (ages 5, 8, 10, 12) don’t understand a lot of it, and I often encounter French words and even English ones that I have never heard before (and do not know how to pronounce!). I have thought of stopping the reading and picking up something a bit easier to understand and read, and then I think maybe they’ll get used to the turns of language and understand it better as I go, but for one son in particular I might as well be reading the entire thing in French–he just doesn’t get the hints of what is happening, and I have to stop at nearly every paragraph to explain in plain English things like “drying up the single source of cash-income” and then explain why it is funny. It is time-consuming, to say the least. Is this struggle to make him understand worth the effort, or would you advise me to read more accessible literature and come back to it in a few years?

Thank you,
Jennifer Thompson

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