What the President Didn’t Know

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With Richard Nixon’s scandals, the question became: “What did he know, and when did he know it?”

With Barack Obama’s scandals, the question has now become: “What did he decide he didn’t know, and when did he decide he didn’t know it?”

We may be willing to excuse him on occasion for not knowing what he ought to know, but to continually not know over and over again can only compound his accountability — either for his ineptitude or for his mendacity, and in the end, for both.


  1. Mrs. R.

    May I have permission to post this to my FB page? My FB name is David NRobin RHunting

    Thank you!

    • LaurieBluedorn

      Yes, you can post it. Harvey Bluedorn wrote it.

  2. Marilyn Scraver

    I appreciate your boldness to speak the truth about President Obama.


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