What is she thinking about?

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Paul Delaroche, Young Mother and Her Children

What is she thinking about?


  1. Spunky

    The little girl is whispering to her mother, “Mommy when I grow up I want to be just like you.”

  2. Old Paths

    She is thinking ” Ah Lord, how can I ever manage this mighty task before me? Only by Thy grace and with Thy help.”

    Ask me how I know 🙂


    (Mamma to 5, Ages 5- 8 months)

  3. Lindsey

    “Gee, a washing machine would make things easier.”

    No seriously….she’s probably like the rest of us, thinking that they grow up all too quickly.

  4. Christine Masloske

    As much as I’d like to imagine that she is thinking some God-honoring thought, I just can’t since I’ve seen that look on too many mom’s faces when surrounded by their little ones.

    I’m thinkin’ maybe, “When is hubby coming home, and I hope he’s bringing a bucket of chicken!” or something along those lines. Oh yeah, and, “When are they going to invent diaper-thingy’s??”

    P.S. Laurie, your barn dance fund-raiser for Colleen Moeller has generated a lot of attention (amen to that), but it looks like there may be a proposed “dance-off” contest between you and JenIg at the upcoming barn-dance fund-raiser for Dave & Becky Black’s Ethopian Missions. Are you going to take the challenge???? See Gena’s blog, if you haven’t already!

  5. Jul

    She’s thinking:

    Wow, I wonder if my friends have heard the excitig news that the Bluedorns have challenged the Igarashis to a dance-off, dancing the Virginia Reel at the homeschooler’s fund-raiser barn dance in Abingdon, VA on Nov. 4th?

    Even my daughter has heard about this… I better pass that news along! Everybody’s talking about it!

  6. Laurie Bluedorn

    Don’t you guys know it’s a LONG way from Illinois to Virginia? OK, maybe I’ll check the airfare, JUST for curiosity’s sake.

  7. Jenefer Igarashi

    It is not about what the *lady* is thinking, it is what the little girl is whispering, which is, “Mama, how many more days until we get to drive to Abingdon VA and watch Mrs. Bluedorn jig circles around her dance-off Challengers?”

  8. Christine Masloske

    Yikes! I’m afraid I’ve created quite a stir about this “dance-off”! Actually, it’s the most fun I’ve had/seen on blogs for a long time! Our whole family is talking about it!

    By mapquest.com’s calculations, for our Northern Illinois family it would only be a little over 700 miles and about 11-1/2 hours to drive it. The kids have my husband thinking about it. But only if Harvey & Laurie are firmly committed! Our hearts are always with the people of Africa (namely Rwanda & Kenya) but not too often would we have the chance to see such an ethnic mix of “Solid Gold” dancers assemble for a dance challenge!

    Oh, Laurie, and they say there’s no peer pressure within the homeschool community! Little do “they” know!

    P.S. Maybe both families could do some sort of fund-raiser for people unable to attend. You know, like for every jig jigged or every reel reeled, families would pledge a fixed amount of money…say $1 for each. Something to think about to help reach that $8000+ goal!

  9. Jul

    For those of you coming out to the barn dance and looking for a place to stay, here is where you may find a list lodging choices:
    —I haven’t heard where the Bluedorns are staying yet.

  10. Jul

    John says that the top spinning makes her think of the Virginia Reel!

  11. Gena

    I think she’s wishing she had a mocha. Kinda what I’m thinking right now. I’m in Chicago, it’s very late, we just got home from a community theater performance – our kids loved that! And Paul and I’ve passed about three Starbucks on our way back to the hotel (we are staying at the AWANA’s headquarters; they have a HOTEL on their campus!!). So my thought is…on mochas. And I guess I feel the need to transpose my own thoughts into the above painting, can’t get my mind off a creamy hot mocha. Man that sounds good…

    I could sell mochas at that barn dance, you know. Were you coming and helping? I thought I heard a rumor about you and me serving hot mochas to raise funds for the missionaries? Jen Ig can dance, but I can make mochas. You make mochas with me, that might get you out of that jiggin’…trust me, my sister can DANCE.

    I think I’m tired…rambling aren’t I? G’nite.


  12. Connie

    The young mom is probably saying, “Here we go again… Lord give me wisdom.” To me, it appears that the older boy in the shadows behind his mother has done something to upset his little sister. He is quietly listening to what his sister is telling the mom and then will give his side of the story. Once again, the poor mom is going to have to sort it all out and needs God’s help to say and do the right thing.

  13. Denise T

    My guess:
    The girl is saying “Mummy must Theo go on and on about Peas Porriage Hot and Cold?” and the Lady is thinking “oh my now what is for supper?”


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