Wedding Reception Suggestions Desperately Needed

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We need suggestions for what to serve at the wedding reception. I’ve been put in charge of the food!!! Help!!

Requirements: 1. Not too expensive; 2. Nothing that needs to be kept hot.

Large crowd expected.


  1. Fatcat

    Little ham sandwiches, little chicken salad sandwiches, fruit trays, veggie trays, chocolate dipped strawberries, spinach dip inside a big hawaiian bread loaf, a watermelon cut into a basket shape with melon balls, chips, crackers.

    I hope it goes well for you!

  2. Kristen Bruce

    Don’t forget the punch. 🙂

  3. Shirley

    We used swedish meatballs and also cold shrimp from Sam’s (the shrimp are cooked & peeled and in the frozen food section) at our parents’ 50th anniversary party. Went over very well and not too taxing on the wallet!


  4. Perla Sarmiento de Adams

    Hello Laurie:‎

    I wish to be there to help you, I love entertainment.‎

    Here is my contribution for Salty:‎

    ‎-‎Tomatoes Cherry with Tuna Filling:‎

    Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Mix Tuna Fish with Green Onion Finally Chopped, ‎
    and Mayonnaise ( One only can makes plenty), Fill the tomatoes with a small spoon. ‎

    ‎-Crackers with Caviar and Cream Cheese:‎

    Get some nice square crackers, and with a bag ( the one for decorating cakes) , place a ‎‎“flowers” of cream cheese ( or seasoning cream ) in the middle of each cookie, then add a ‎little portion of artificial caviar to both sides. Two can of artificial caviar are not in the ‎sky and you can make hundreds of this canapés, believe me!‎

    Here my contribution for Sweet:‎

    ‎-‎Buy in a bakery mini little tart shells and fill it with Coffee Cream (Just mix in a ‎bowl one 8 onz. Philadelphia cheese with 2 spoon of Coffee ( make the strong ‎coffee of half cup of water, 1 table spoon of Nescafe and 1 table spoon of sugar). ‎Then feel the shells and add some chocolate in powder for decoration. If is ‎possible save in the refrigerator until time for serve. Other option for these shells ‎is filling with chopped fruits (strawberries, and grapes) and condensed milk in the ‎top.‎

    ‎-Prepare one or two days before the reception the crepes ( recipe below), save it in ‎the refrigerator, the day of the event fill each crepe with lemon pie filling cream ( ‎the instant one, from Jello), roll each crepe and cut in piece of 1 inch long, place ‎each one in this kind of mini cup cakes paper ( sorry, I don’t know the name in ‎English) and for decoration some lines of chocolate syrup ( just to give the touch).‎

    Crepes recipe: ‎

    Ingredients for 12 crepes: 1 Cup of Flour, 2 Eggs, 2 Egg Yolks, 2 Table Spoon Vegetable ‎Oil, 1 Cup Milk, 2 Table Spoon Butter.‎


    Mix the eggs with the oil, butter, milk and egg yolks; add the flour little to little. ‎Refrigerate at least half hour, Then with a spoon add the mix to cook in a flat and hot ‎pan both sides, make golden both side , roll and save for use later., ‎

    Bye bye

  5. Miz Booshay

    I have placed my favorite recipes at the above website.

    I just hosted a graduation party for my daughter.
    I served @120 people.

    I did have a few hot dishes (walking tacos and Fitchburg beans)
    But my salads were a big hit!

    I heartily recommend:
    Broccoli-Cauliflower Salad
    Chinese Coleslaw
    Mandarin Orange Salad
    and the Popeye’s Longaberger Chicken Salad.

    And I would have a spiral cut ham.
    Veggie Platters
    Deviled Eggs (I had three trays of these which the grocery store prepared for me :o)
    Fruit Salad
    (I bought frozen fruit from Sam’s and put it in bowls. It thawed just fine like that.
    But this time of year watermelon would be nice.)

    Potato salad would also be great but I would only have this if I had help with the cooking.

    I hope you have help.
    A woman I know cooks big groups a lot and I asked her if she would help me with the planning.
    She ended up helping me with the shopping too.
    And she had serving pieces that I did not have.

    You can do it!
    Plan, plan, plan.
    Ask for help.
    Accept any help offered :o)


  6. Gena

    I would make you my famous hot homemade salsa…but I remember how you “reacted” to it the last time. Sigh. Never mind. 🙂

  7. Patti

    Hi Laurie, We are looking forward to the wedding. Here are some food ideas:
    Antipasto Salad, you can get a Beef Log (Summer Sausage) from Sam’s Club that is very inexpensive and tasty.
    If you serve a meat sandwich you may also want some Egg Salad with Rolls as an inexpensive backup.
    Deviled Eggs
    I have a friend from Ukraine that makes a wonderful Pea Salad, I have the recipe for, it is always a hit, it has apples, bologna, potatoes, peas, pickles, mayo, cucumbers, eggs, it is very unique. It would make a good side that is filling.
    Another great recipe that has never let me down is a cold bean salsa or cowboy caviar served with tortilla chips. It is also filling, very healthy and inexpensive. It has black beans, blackeyed peas, corn, peppers, tomatoes, nacho style jalapenos, green onion, italian dressing, ect.
    Tomato Bruschetta
    Creamy Cucumber Dip on Melba Toast or Baguettes
    Another delicate side that is easy on the wallet and great on the palate is the Cool JELL-O Layers recipe on the JELL-O box, using the watermelon JELL-O makes it an extra special tasty side that is light and pretty cut into squares or maybe even hearts, the cranberry
    JELL-O works nice also. I have not tried it with traditional flavor JELL-O as I like to make things a bit unique so it seems more special. The watermelon JELL-O can be hard to find, it is a delicate pink color when served. If you need help let me know, we will be in Galesburg Saturday early afternoon. See you soon. Patti

  8. Patti

    One more thing, the egg salad is also great on wheat pita bread cut into small triangles.
    Hummus or greek cucumber dip (yogurt, cucumbers and herbs) would be good with pita triangles, I have a good recipe for pita bread that is inexpensive but labor intensive.
    Cold Gazpacho Soup
    Chilled Strawberry Soup
    I guess I could go one forever, I will stop for now. May the Lord Prepare Your Day!! Patti

  9. mrstlc

    We served deviled eggs, chicken salad filled croissants, shrimp, meatballs, pasta salad, veggies with dip, strawberries, and grapes, cheese ball w/crackers, mini cheese cakes, french bread loaves. We served sparkling pink lemonade, coffee, water and tea to drink. Wedding cake (of course), cheesecake and homemade sugar cookies were at each place setting in the shape of a crown with the verse, a noble woman is a crown to her husband. It was very easy to put together, as I had to do most of it myself, on a small budget, with little kitchen accomodations at the site. We served 200 guests. It was very elegant, everything looks beautiful on the table and all could be prepared ahead of time.

  10. Jill Farris

    Tortilla wraps with a variety of colorful fillings; our favorite, turkey, cranberry sauce, onion rings, cream cheese. Roll tightly and slice on the diagonal to show the pretty colors.

    Lots of veggie and/or fruit kabobs with dips. crackers and cheese. Egg rolls are fine even if at room temp.

    In my humble opinion, folks LOVE finger food sandwiches and dips and veggies because they can nibble, nibble, nibble and talk talk talk!

    I have recently discovered your site although I have heard about you for several years.

    Enjoy a blessed reception. As long as folks have lots to eat I don’t think they really care what it is!

    In Christ,

    Mrs. Doug Farris

  11. Stacy D McDonald

    Hi Laurie,

    After running the tea room in Texas, our family has a few recipes under our belt. Give me a call and we can chat about a few options. I wish we lived a tad closer – but, we’re willing to help however we can.



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