We have allowed video games into our home

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How would you answer this — specifically the video game concern she has?


I have always homeschooled our two sons, who are now the ages of 14 and 16. Sadly, I am starting out extremely late in classical education, and I feel there is so much ground to cover. I am writing in hopes that you can lead me in the right direction so that I do not waste any more precious time.

Please tell me what and where you feel I should focus my attention concerning their education. I need a “jumping off” point. In the past, we have used a hodge-podge of curricula. I would like a consistent and clear path laid out before me, and through prayer, I felt led to contact you. With the ages of my boys in mind, what do you feel is a most critical focus for us, now and moving forward? Perhaps this has already been laid out in your book, which I do intend to buy, but like I stated, time is of the essence.

In addition, we have allowed video games into our home at a very young age, which we realized too late, has been a great detriment to them. From what I have read at your website concerning your children and their interests, it appears this is a snare you have managed (or chosen) to avoid, and I am deeply envious of that and saddened by our own situation here. Is there any wisdom you can share with me in turning this entire ship around–the video gaming in particular. If feels hopeless at times, as their hearts have become firmly attached to these games, and this is the only thing they desire to do when all their “required” activities are completed.

Sandra H., Hampton, Iowa