Wanted: Course Creators for the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum

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by Ron Paul

I am looking for course creators for grades 1-3.

The RPC will pay $5,000 up-front per course: an advance on royalties. Then, after 200 sales of the course, the creator will get $25 per sale indefinitely.

I want any of three subjects for three years: social studies, literature, science, art, music, or history.

I prefer the same course creator for each subject for all three years. But if I cannot locate people who will produce three courses per subject, I will select more than one course creator per subject.

The RPC uses screencasts: videos of still images or formulas, along with descriptive narrations. To view screencasts, view any of the free sample lessons here.

Each course has 180 lessons.

If you are interested, go here for a description of what is required to create a course.


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