Update on our daughter Johannah — she is 3 days overdue (not a big deal) but her blood pressure is elevated today (148/90 — which is high for her). They’ll take it again tomorrow, and if it is still elevated, the doctor wants to induce.



  1. Megan Volmer


    I will pray for her. I have heard that toxemia is helped by protein every two hours even through the night. I know she may not even be toxemic. Just an idea.

    Praying for all,

  2. Heather D

    That’s a pain. I was induced (after a planned home waterbirth) for the same reason… my blood pressure shot up quite suddenly, and stayed up. It came right back down within an hour after she was born.

    We weren’t even “overdue” either, she was nearly 2 weeks “early”.

    IMO it’s one of the Very Few Legitimate Reasons to have an induction. It can become something very serious very quickly. Fortunately, beyond the actual induction itself and the *#*$#@ fetal monitors hooked up to me, the rest of the birth was natural… I sat up and squatted, much to the consternation of the nurses, my midwife stayed on in a doula role, everything was fine.

    Still, it’s always difficult when things don’t go ‘according to plan’. Best wishes to your daughter.

  3. Reba N

    Mothers Leap of Faith

    Be of good cheer mother dear.
    For oh we know, the worry and lack of sleep they can cause.

    In this time of need remember to pause and think of Mother Mary ever virgin giving birth to our Lord in a manger.

    What a miracle God has intrusted all mothers with in spite of the danger to their heart. And too all this they do joyfully for a stranger.

  4. JenIG

    I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot today. Praying that all goes well. We’re very excited for you!

  5. Anna

    Laurie- I was induced with my first three kids for medical reasons. It wasn’t what I “wanted” but I still have three great kids from those deliveries! We will pray that Johannah does well, and that the baby is healthy.


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