Two important events happened on Sunday….

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  1. LaurieBluedorn

    I’ll ask Harvey to write something about your baptism question and will post it later.

  2. Liz

    I’m really excited to find your site and read of your homeschooling ideas.

    It was also encouraging to read of Helena’s testimony, what joy to know assurance.

    I was interested to read of the ‘pouring’ method for baptism. What does this mean?

  3. Katie West

    Sounds like a wonderful Sunday with family and friends. One you all will remember =)

    Happy 35th Anniversary to you both!!!

    Am I missing something with the blindfold? What a great dinner. I think I have had that pear salad and it was REALLY good! =)

  4. Anna

    Congratulations Harvey & Laurie!

    What a wonderful example you are to us all!

  5. LaurieBluedorn

    The blindfold is for me when I take a nap!


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