Trivium Pursuit Sale This Week

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Trivium Pursuit has a new ancient history ebook!

Ancient Literature — Significant Excerpts From the Books of Classical Authors Which You Can Use to Supplement Your History Curriculum —Volume Five: Caligula, Claudius, and Paul

This 95-page ebook can be used to supplement any ancient history curriculum and is suitable for ages ten through adult. For this volume, we combed through the books of nine ancient authors to find 73 significant excerpts concerning the time period from A.D. 37 to A.D. 54. We then arranged the excerpts chronologically and provided the text and citation for each. Cost: $10

This week, if you purchase $30 or more from the Trivium Pursuit catalog you will received this ebook free (upon request).

Be sure to request the ebook when you place your order on the Trivium Pursuit shopping cart.


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