Trivium Pursuit 50% Discount on New Books; Used Book Sale

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UPDATE: The 50% off sale is extended through November 1. Used book sale extended till the books are gone. We’ll be adding to this list.

Please call 309-537-3641 to order any of these books. You can combine orders if you would like to purchase from our regular catalog. Please pay by credit card or Paypal. Fifteen dollars ($15.00) minimum purchase.

We have these new items on sale at 50% discount on October 30-31 only:

Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style — regularly $27, on sale for $13.50
Vocabulary Bridges from English to Latin and Greek — regularly $20, on sale for $10
A Greek Alphabetarion — regularly $25, on sale for $12.50
A Greek Hupogrammon — regularly $16, on sale for $8
Ancient History from Primary Sources book and DVD set — regularly $59, on sale for $29.50
Fallacy Detective T-Shirts — adult small, medium, and large sizes available — $5 each
From Dark to Dawn: A Tale of Martin Luther and the Reformation by Elizabeth Charles, revised by James and Stacy McDonald, illustrated by Johannah Bluedorn — regularly $20, on sale for $15


Scratch and Dent/Used items — everything is in good, used condition unless noted.

McGuffey’s New Third Eclectic Reader, very old, title page gone, poor condition, $2.

Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves: Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene, Book 1, updated and annotated by Roy Maynard, ISBN 1885767390, pb, $8.

Great Brilliancy Prize Games of the Chess Masters: the most original and imaginative games ever played in international chess tournaments by Fred Reinfeld, 1961, pb, 222 pages, $3.

Everyday Handbooks, Chess Self-Teacher: Eight Lessons with Quizzes and Reviews by Al Horowitz, 1961, pb, 194 pages, $5.

The Century Book of Facts: a handbook of ready reference embracing history, biography, government, law, language, literature, invention, science, domestic economy, industry, finance, art, religion, education, hygiene, and useful miscellany, collated and edited by Henry W. Ruoff, 1902, hb, 680 pages, $7.

The Story of the Constitution, Christian Liberty Press Edition, some underlining in text, $1.

Warp’s Review Workbooks in Simple Language: Civics, with answer key, pb, 1955, 94 pages, $4.

American History: Second Book by Perry and Price, 1914, hb, fair condition, $2.

The Publishing Game: Publish a Book in 30 Days by Fern Reiss, ISBN 1893290859, pb, $10.

The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days by Fern Reiss, ISBN 1893290883, pb, $10.

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing: everything you need to know to write, publish, promote and sell you own book by Tom and Marilyn Ross, 4th edition, 2002, pb, ISBN 1582970912, $7.

A Student’s History of the United States by Edward Channing with maps and illustrations, revised edition, 1904, hb, spine ripped, some writing in text, hb, $4.

Our Republic: a brief history of the American people by S. E. Forman, revised edition, 1929, hb, $4.

Living Language French All the Way, Basic-Intermediate, 8 – 60 minute cassettes, 448 page manual (manual’s binding is broken and pages are loose), ISBN 0517583682, $8.

Living Language French 2 All the Way, Intermediate-Advanced, 8 – 60 minute cassettes, 400 page manual, ISBN 051770269x, $20.

History of the Johnstown Flood by Willis Fletcher Johnson, illustrated, 1889, hb, $3.

Modern Times and the Living Past by Henry W. Elson, 1928, hb, color illustrations, $5.

Hathoo of the Elephants by Post Wheeler, 1943, hb, $8.

The Tapestry Book by Helen Churchill Candee with 4 plates in color and 99 illustrations in black and white, Tudor Pub, 1912, new edition 1935, hb, $9.

New Essentials of English: Middle Grades by Pearson and Kirchwey, hb, 1928, illustrated (one in color), old textbook, $4.

Home Improvement Cost Guide by the R.S. Means Company, Inc, pb, second edition, ISBN 0876291736, $1.

Blackstone Audiobooks, Basic American Government by Clarence B. Carson, unabridged, read by Mary Woods, cassettes, parts 1 & 2, ISBNs 0786108479 and 0786107960, $40.

Obstetric Management and Nursing by Henry L. Woodward, 373 illustrations, third edition, 1946, hb, binding very loose, F.A. Davis Company, Publishers, $10.

Government by the People: The Dynamics of American National Government by James MacGregor Burns and Jack Walter Peltason, hb, 1953, $4.

The History of Henry Esmond by William Thackeray, Great Illustrated Classics, hb, 1945, $4.

Back to the Blackboard: Design for a Biblical Christian School by Jay Adams, pb, ISBN 0875520758, 1982, $1.

Homeschooling and the Law by Michael Farris, 1990, pb, $1.

Censorship: Evidence of Bias in Our Children’s Textbooks by Paul C. Vitz, 1986, pb, ISBN 089283305x, $1.

The New American Roget’s College Thesaurus in Dictionary Form, 1962, pb, $1.

Who Should We Then Read? by Jan Bloom, 1999, spiral bound, $9.

The Old Pinakothek in Munich by Kurt Martin, translated from the German by Stanley Godman and Ian F. Finlay, hb with dj, 1972, color, $6.

Handbook of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 1940, pb, $2.

Soap Carving: Cinderella of Sculpture by Lester Gaba, 1940, hb, binding loose, lots of illustrations, $8.

Craft Manual of Northwest Indian Beading by George M. White, 1971, pb, $8.

Centennial Acquisitions: Art Treasures for Tomorrow, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1970, pb, color and B&W, $7.

VHS films:
What Research Says About Home Schooling with Brian D. Ray by Home Education Tools, $3.
How to recognize and conquer the addition to rock music, how to respond to criticism, and how to answer questions on legalism by Institute in Basic Life Principles, 1996, $3.
Home Schooling: A Foundation for Excellence by Mission City Television, 1993, $3.

Books from The Gregg Press (Americans in Fiction Series), all pb printed in 1968, all in good condition except have yellowing clear tape on binding:

The Led-Horse Claim: A Romance of a Mining Company by Mary Hallock Foote, illustrated by the author (first pub 1882), $10.
The Cliff Dwellers by Henry B. Fuller, illustrated by T. De Thulstrup (first pub 1893), $10.
Rootbound by Rose Terry Cooke (first pub 1885), $10.
Mohun or The Last Days of Lee and His Paladins by John Esten Cooke (first pub1869), $15.
Surry of Eagle’s Nest or The Memoirs of a Staff-Officer Serving in Virginia by John Esten Cooke (first pub 1866), $15.
Kentuckian in New York or The Adventures of Three Southerns by a Virginian by William A. Caruthers (first pub 1834), $15.
Cavaliers of Virginia or the Recluse of Jamestown by William A. Caruthers (first pub 1834), $15.

Please call 309-537-3641 to order any of these books. You can combine orders if you would like to purchase from our regular catalog. Please pay by Credit Card or Paypal. Fifteen dollars ($15.00) minimum purchase.

Shipping charges (all orders will be sent Media Mail):
up to $25 — $5.00
$26–$50 — $7.00
$51–$75 — $9.00
$76–$100 — $11.00


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