Tornado Clean-Up Today

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Thanks to the D Fender and P Stanford families, we are almost back to normal.

Surveying the mess.

Friends come with tools.

Almost done.


  1. James McDonald

    Dear Bluedorns,

    All I can say is – wow! God is awesome. He is to be praised for keeping you safe. You are in our prayers. Please let us know if there is anything you need.

    James – for the family

  2. Nancy Carter

    Wow! We are so glad that you all are ok. My family just went through a tornado last Sunday with very similar results. We are rejoicing with you!


  3. Julie LaPierre

    Oh my goodness! I watched all this on the news and then asked Rich to drop a quick note to Nathaniel. We’re so thankful that everyone is alright.
    The LaPierres

  4. Christine Masloske

    Dear Laurie & family,

    Praise ye the Lord that your family, animals & home are unharmed! Our prayers are with you as you continue to clean up.

    Love in Christ,

  5. D. Fender

    God is Gracious through all the storms in our life. God brings all these things for our benefit. I am thankful that my family was given the oppurtunity to serve and work along side of your family.

    What exactly is “normal” for your house? 🙂


  6. Anne Calvert

    Wow! It looks a little like the post-Katrina pictures. At least with a hurricane you know it’s coming. I’m glad you’re all safe, and that you have wonderful friends there to help you.

    In Christ,


  7. Pam

    Praise the Lord, you are all safe! As I looked at the pictures of those big old trees, laying down on the ground, all I could think of was how Jesus layed His life down for us! I’m soooo glad you and your family are safe!