Toddler Learning Multiple Languages

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I am a mother of two and found your website through Preschoolers and Peace.

I live in Southeast Asia and am doing some preliminary research on homeschooling (my oldest just turned two). I am interested in your children’s books, however, I wanted to know how you feel about toddlers learning multiple languages at once (she speaks two right now and will be learning a third when we move in a few months). I don’t want to overload her – she knows her abc’s (purely by accident), and LOVES books. How much is too much – or too many- is my question.


If you’re talking about learning a language inductively — just learning it through everyday living and conversing, then I wouldn’t worry about overload. But if you’re talking about sit down and drill vocabulary and grammar with a workbook or textbook — well, I wouldn’t do it with a child that young. Teach the child as many languages as you are able — inductively. We suggest leaving the grammar till age ten.


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