This is still my favorite painting

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What does this painting say to you?


  1. Donna G.

    New to your blog, and beginning to explore.
    Unfortunately, this picture reminds me of the naughty child I was, with my sweet Grandma.
    I can remember swinging on a swing, kicking her fresh laundry hanging on the line.
    She would scold me, but I would continue to be disrespectful.
    Why was I so naughty & hard hearted as a child….:(
    Thank God, HE, found me!
    Wish I could take it all back, now.

  2. Georgia in NM

    Actually, I see a very patient grandma taking time to visit with her grandchildren. As an older mother, I had 2 boys after 40, I’d like to think that I have some of that patience to let my boys play with me and around me. They will outgrow it pretty fast but what fond memories that time makes.

  3. Elisabeth

    It says to me that I should stop my work more often and engage with my children more! (I spend lots of time with them during our homeschooling lessons, but it’s so hard (for me at least) to not be distracted by other things during “free” times. On the other hand, my husband and four young children appreciate having an evening meal every day! : ) Balance is hard, isn’t it?

  4. Carrie Sharn

    That is my life!! I pray to be as patient as that grandmother with my 4 little ones! I love that painting. I need to frame it for the schoolroom 🙂

  5. Candy

    The doll’s dress fabric is similar to the grandmother’s, therefore she probably made her granddaughter a doll’s dress from scrap material from her own dress. She is sewing something small, made from the same fabric as her granddaughter’s dress, therefore she’s probably sewing another doll’s dress made from scrap material from her granddaughter’s dress. This picture says to me that she is a loving, thoughtful, giving grandmother. And patient as well, allowing her head to be played on.


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