There’s No Hurry

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We are first time homeschoolers with a 10 year old and a 7 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. How would we integrate these ages into the trivium method and maintain order. The eldest child (male) is so burnt on school. We are concerned about adjustment and interest. He is very hesitant to invest any depth of interest into a subject. I agree with the statement that even a Christian school is structured in such a way that it draws the child away from the parent and closer to the influence of the peer group. We have seen that occur with our eldest and yet, I think, it disturbed our son as much as it disturbed us. Making a decision to bring our children home was a tough decision (yet with the Lord it seemed fairly easy), but trying to process through all the options has been overwhelming!! We would appreciate any encouragement in this process. Thank you

Perhaps Chapter 11 in our book Teaching the Trivium will help you — Ten Things to Do with Your Child Before Age Ten. The text of the entire chapter is on our web site.

Your children are still quite young, and you have plenty of time for the academics, so there is no hurry now. Take time now to allow your child to recover the love for learning that he probably had before he started school and to bond again with his family.



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