The wound religion receives from hypocrites

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The wound religion receives from hypocrites is far more dangerous and incurable than that inflicted on it by the open and scandalous sinner. For religion is never brought into question by the enormous vices of an infamous person; all see and all abhor his sin. But when a man shall have his mouth full of piety and his hands full of wickedness, when he shall speak Scripture and live devilism, profess strictly and walk loosely, this lays a grievous stumbling-block in the way of others; and tempts them to think that all religion is but mockery, and that the professors of it are but hypocrites. –Ezekiel Hopkins (1633-1690)

Unless the being of a God be presupposed, no tolerable account can be given of the being of anything. --Ezekiel Hopkins (1633-1690)


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