The following was found on Facebook:

I think we need to revamp the education system and replace it with the school of Trivium, the school of logic, grammar, and rhetoric. We might have a nation of free thinkers instead of a nation of followers who believe in lies. Now this is a book that I actually purchased and read while serving my tour in Iraq. So I guess I was corrupted by free thought from the beginning. I followed orders while secretly loathing some of my superior’s inability to use reason and logic. Keep in mind soldiers are waking up every day to the fact that everything they have been fighting for is based on lies; this is why they are committing suicide in record rates. The government is loading them up on anti-depressants in the hopes they will forget these lies. Their plight is not a joke, it’s real, and you should support them.

We need to get the truth out, not only for the soldiers that are still dying in wars of proxy, but for all the victims on 9/11 and families who were shattered by this corrupt government which is beholden to the money powers. Corporate tyranny is here, and the founding fathers warned us of this. History has been revised and details have been omitted intentionally in our public schools, and our media won’t tell us because they are on the payroll. We must educate and make people aware of this, and we must exercise our constitutional rights, as they were put in place to defeat these tyrants. This is why I am exercising my rights to free speech today because if I don’t, tomorrow I will not have them.

I take great risk by coming out with all this on such a public forum like facebook. People who are speaking out against this are being silenced every day through different methods such as defamation of character and intimidation. This can be corroborated if you will look into the Brandon Raub story. He was an ex-marine, who was lucid and well-mannered yet FBI agents were sent to his house because he spoke about freedom on facebook. If the same happens for me, I will not be intimidated by these tactics. I will stand, I will speak and I will have the courage to stand through it. I am going to be a real information warrior, educating is my goal, and I hope my family and friends will support me in all of this. Thanks to the people who have read through this, and I hope I have not offended any of you through any of my past posts. I know people can have some pretty strong beliefs, but I am not your enemy. I am only trying to help. –Facebook post