The Translation Game

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Hello, fellow friends of the vernacular and illustrious lovers of logic! (Oh, I am so sorry for being so cheesy; the heat must be getting to me!)

I wanted to pass this on to you; perhaps you wouldn’t mind passing it on to everyone else on the Trivium Loop. It’s one of my blog entries, but it features a link to a neat resource.

One day Aelsa came home from church with some papers that a visitor had given her. She didn’t have much of an explanation for it, and I knew I needed to take a closer look at it.

What I found couldn’t have delighted me more.

It was called simply, “The Translation Game,” and it had come from the missionary father of a young woman attending our church. It consists of 2 pages that painlessly engage the participant’s grammar and logic skills with the Nalca language of Western New Guinea to practice some of the basic skills used in Bible translation work.

What a beautiful way to ennoble the study of grammar!

I asked Mr. Roger Doriot if I could post it on this blog and make it available for other homeschoolers, and he happily agreed. His only hope is that you drop him a line to let him know how you used it, and if you have any questions.

You can download a pdf version of it here.

I’d also love to hear about the fun you’ve had with it!


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  1. Laura

    This is awesome! The perfect thing to warm up my Spanish classes’ brains!


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