The Sovereignty of God

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Gospel Mission Christian Books, a missionary outreach of Old Paths Strict Baptist Church and affiliated with the Gospel Standard Baptists in England, now has a web site. You will find books by d’Aubigne, John Owen, J.C. Ryle, A.W. Pink, John Gill, J.C. Philpot, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, and many others.

If you can only buy one book this year, I would suggest this one.


The Sovereignty of God by A. W. Pink

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  1. Steve Hancock

    This is a great book, and Gospel Mission does have excellent books at prices that are astonishingly cheap but in buying the AW Pink book “Sovereignty of God”, buy the “Baker Books” edition, but AVOID the “Banner of Truth” edition which is abridged to reflect the BOT views of subjects where they disagreed with Pink’s book (The current BOT has moved away from calvinism and embraced the beliefs of Andrew Fuller,a well known writer of the 1800’s with many questionable doctrines, more in spirit with Wesleyism than the Bible.. It’s a lie to sell two thirds of a book as the whole thing with no indication anywhere in the book that it is abridged (I’d say mutilated). It’s very dishonest and quite reflective of where the Banner of Truth, which started as a great organization and still publishes many worthwhile books available nowhere else, has moved under the influence of Arminisnism. Amusingly, the head of BOT, Ian Murray, write a book forty years ago “The Forgotten Spurgeon” blasting another publisher for lifting passages from Charles Spurgeon’s sermons to remove clearly calvinist content. Yet decades later, he does the same thing!


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