The Ron Paul Curriculum has two different phonics courses

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The Ron Paul Curriculum has two different phonics courses.

1. Kindergarten Introduction to Phonics taught by Cheryl Page

This free kindergarten phonics program is an introduction to phonics curriculum. It’s not a complete phonics curriculum.

Each lesson is video-based, with instructions for the mothers on how to teach basic phonics to their children. All the worksheets needed are provided as printable PDFs on the lesson pages.

Each phonics lesson is designed for you and your child to complete at your own pace — generally about one week is expected.

2. A 3-year reading/phonics curriculum taught by Barbara Pickard

The first 40 lessons of the first year are free. These free introductory videos let you test the Ron Paul Curriculum’s reading program, which is a 3-year program. Ms. Piickard does the teaching. You do the encouraging and evaluating.

If this trial run works for you and your child, you can sign up for the rest of the first-year course: 140 additional lessons.

The videos do the heavy lifting. All you have to do is go to the daily lesson, click the video’s PLAY button, and observe how your child does.

Also, you must print out the work sheets, and hand them to your child. Then grade them.

Each day a new letter sound or combination will be introduced. Blending sounds into new words, lesson by lesson, will increase your student’s reading vocabulary.

Along with phonics skills, your student will receive directed handwriting lessons.

As the homeschool teacher, you will have to boot up the site daily and watch the videos with your child. These lessons lead students toward self-teaching. By the end of grade 3, you will be able to turn most of the instruction over to the teacher and your child, who will work as a team.

When you have finished the free trial lessons, you can order the rest of the course here.


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