The narcissist doesn’t care about your pain

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Narcissistic Apologies by Dr. David Orrison

“I recently read yet another statement by a well-known Christian leader confessing sin and asking for forgiveness. It was one of those apologies that leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. I would say that it was a narcissistic apology…. Read the rest of this article here on Recovering Grace.



  1. helene

    another good resource for anyone dealing with a chronically selfish spouse is
    chronically selfish is layman’s term for malignant narcissism or narcissism personality disorder.
    while i feel psych labels or psych itself has nothing to offer other than just that, a label, it helps us to RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION wen we encounter such an individual.
    call it wat u want, these ppl are evil.
    yeah worse than normal evil, like all sinners all.
    insidious and traumatizing.


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