The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge

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The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge by Hildegarde Swift, illustrated by Lynd Ward

Publication date 1942

This is the story about a lighthouse that stands near the George Washington Bridge in New York City.

On the bank of the Hudson River, a small red lighthouse protects boats with his beam and foghorn. One day, some workers arrive and start to build a gigantic steel bridge with huge flashing lights. The little red lighthouse feels afraid and wonders if he will ever be useful again. During one dark night, a violent storm threatens the safety of the boats on the river, and the role of the little lighthouse is revealed.

This part ALWAYS makes me cry:

“Then the great gray bridge talked to the little red lighthouse:

“Little brother, where is your light”

“Am I brother of yours, bridge?” wondered the lighthouse. “Your light was so bright that I thought mine was needed no more.”

“I call to the airplanes,” cried the bridge, “I flash to the ships of the air. But you are still master of the river. Quick, let your light shine again. Each to his own place, little brother!”

So the little red lighthouse tried to shine once more, but though it tried and tried and tried, it could not turn itself on.”

Teaching point of the story: even the small are important.

You can see the filmography story here.

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