The First Waltz by Johannah Bluedorn

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Johannahs Civil War Painting


  1. Miiko Gibson

    Wow, this is beautiful! It took me a while to realize that you painted this, Johannah! For some reason I thought you were commenting on this (free domain ) painting, but I didn’t recognize this from anywhere, and there were no comments under the picture. Then it dawned on me you drew and painted it. Once more, it’s lovely.

  2. Pauline

    i think Johannahs work is delightful. we have the trivium book and her work is also in that. i would love to know if it would be possible to get a copy somehow. i think it would lovely hanging on a wall!! :O)
    anyway thank you for a wonderful site. most encourging.
    God’s blessing from australia


    We’d like to have copies made, but the painting is very large and we can’t find a local scanner large enough to handle it. L.

  3. JenIG

    Why I declare, it looks like a snap shot from the Abingdon Barn Dance


    JenIG, Aren’t you having another barn dance some time this month? L.

  4. Donna A.

    This is absolutely beautiful! What a lovely gift this would make to my daughter… if you could get it reprinted. I assure you I would buy a copy, Johannah!

  5. Stacey J

    This is beautiful. We hope you do get it reprinted someday. 🙂

  6. Tessa

    Wow!!! :o)


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