The Conversation I Almost Missed & the Future It Could’ve Cost

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“I thought it was my job to teach my children a lesson. But what I was teaching them was that I could never be satisfied. I was teaching them to confide in someone else -— someone who would be more understanding and less reactive. I was teaching them to strive for perfection, no matter the cost.” –Rachel Macy Stafford

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  1. Hélène

    this is an important article. the fine line btwn appropriate horror and leaving room for unconditonal love and forgiveness is hard to balance when suddenly faced with these situations.
    this article, while not the whole solution, gets us thinking about the reality with our loved ones, any of our most treasured loved ones.
    the confessor will allow us a moment of shock…may we silently cry out to God first for Grace to be with us when we mite fail in our initial, overwhelmed, earth-crashing-around-us response.


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