The Campaign of Donald Trump

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The profile of a sociopath can be reduced to three categories: conscience, empathy, and honor. The sociopath has none of these things — though he may either emulate them in a way which fools and disarms people, or he may project them on himself with words, or he may project the absence of them onto another in order to destroy someone else with words.

One cannot defeat a sociopath by entering into his game.

The first mistake people make in dealing with a sociopath is in failing to recognize what they are dealing with — which, of course, is part of the sociopath’s game. Some people never recognize it.

One cannot deal with a sociopath like one would deal with a normal person. A normal person still has conscience, empathy, and honor — though he may suppress, subvert, or pervert them. Nevertheless, those categories are still there, so there is something to work with. Not so with the sociopath.

A big target for the sociopath is the person with higher levels of conscience, empathy, and honor. The presence of such a person is a threat to the sociopath. Ted Cruz is a big target.

The sociopath wins by getting your attention and consuming your time by keeping you engaged in his game. That describes the campaign of Donald Trump.

Harvey Bluedorn