The Black Arrow and Kidnapped

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We are currently trying to read through Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Black Arrow. We are reading about knights and history, etc. during the Wars of the Roses and my boys, 9 and 11, are very interested in this particular text. Unfortunately, I am having a terrible time with the dialogue. Between arcane terms that don’t have any meaning to me, and broken King’s English, some of it is very hard to understand. Does anyone have any ideas or a resource that could help us on this one? We would really like to persevere and get through the book. Blessings, Michele von Hein

Yes, that particular book and also Stevenson’s Kidnapped are a bit hard to understand. I usually don’t recommend watching the video of a book first, but, in this case, it is easier to get the gist of the plot if you watch the movie first. Laurie


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