Teaching the Trivium in Bangkok

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teaching the trivium in bangkok todd adams

This city is not as luxurious as the cities in the gulf area (Bahrain, Emirates) but it has very big shopping centers and some towers. The shopping centers are huge, similar in style to the largest shopping malls in USA but six times bigger (six floors of stores). In one of the malls I visited, there are also car exhibitions (stores) in one floor. And in a mall called Central World, the Toy’s R Us Store is just one of many in one floor. It is huge! Public transportation is cheaper, even cheaper than in Saudi Arabia where the fuel is very inexpensive. For example, a 15 minute trip in the city is less of $2.00. Taxis are usually painted in very bright colors, specially “fusia” (like strong pink). I think the people here love fusia colors, I saw this color in many places. There is also some kind of “motorcycle taxis.” Outside our hotel is always this taxis waiting, so I asked the taxi driver to take a picture with TTT. Thailand people are very friendly, smiling all the time, and very respectful to say hello and thank you, always closing the hands in front of the face and make a little reverence. In several parts of the city they have these little “golden houses,” some with a “thin Buddha” (not the fat Chinese Buddha), some with elephants, some with woman with many arms. I do know what is the difference. In my hotel I saw the manager early in the morning putting new fruit to his Buddha and also burning incense.

Perla, Saudi Arabia


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