Teaching the Trivium

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There is classical education and then there is Christian classical education.

Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn is about reclaiming classical education for Christ. And Teaching the Trivium is not just about classical education — it gives foundational reasons for why homeschooling should be your first choice.

If you are looking for how to apply classical education to your homeschool, then this is the book. Teaching the Trivium is practical, thorough, and from a decidedly Christian perspective.

Some of its distinctives include:

–an emphasis on reading aloud to your children
–studying logic from ages ten through high school, rather than using it as a one or two year supplement
–ancient literature from a Christian perspective (is it really necessary to read Homer?)
–choices in language study, with an emphasis on Biblical Greek
–why informal math or grammar before age ten may be a better choice
–how to give your children the tools they need to teach themselves
–how to homeschool in a classical style without buckling under the burden
–a workable plan for every subject and for every age which avoids homeschool burnout (there is only so much time in the day)
–how to continue using other approaches to homeschooling within the framework of classical education
–homeschooling is not alternative education (homeschooling was here first)
–the family is at the heart of God’s plan for restoring Christian culture

Read our article Ten Things to Do Before Age Ten — it will give you a taste of what is in Teaching the Trivium.

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