Dear Johannah,

Greetings from Tasmania, Australia! My name is Fanny and I just wanted to send you this little note to let you know how much I enjoyed your two books Bless the Lord:The 103rd Psalm and The Lord Builds the House:The 127th Psalm which I purchased recently. I am slowly building up a library of all kinds of books, so yours are a wonderful addition!

Johannah, it has been inspiring for me to see a young lady combine the talents the Father has given her with His Word so that He may be glorified.

I pray Father will continue to lead you and your family on His Path.

Have a blessed day,

Fanny Beerepoot

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  1. Steven

    I am also a Tasmanian and enjoy this site. I would like to encourage you for what you are doing here. Keep up the good work for there are lots of others who appreciate what you are doing and are likewise encouraged…even if you never here from them.
    I am part of a big home school family of nine. We are conservative folk and live our lives in accordance with the ways of God best we can.
    I am 24, single, have three brothers and three sisters and wonderful parents.
    Nice to meet you.


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