Survey: Ten-Year-Old Boys and Holding Pencils

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I was wondering what you might suggest as a course of action for a ten-year-old boy who despises handwriting. While I understand that some of this is just the age, I’m not sure if I should continue to require writing and if so, how much. It’s a very tedious process often ending in frustration and tears. His handwriting is actually pretty good, but he hates cursive and would rather print as cursive takes “so much longer.” Currently, I require one page of italics lesson – it’s very brief and averages about 8-10 words/letter combinations, 1-2 sentences of copywork, and whatever writing is required in the Understanding Writing and grammar curriculum (a lot of grammar we do orally). Narrations are done orally and occasionally on the computer. Letters to friends and family are also done on the computer. Thus far this year we have been of the opinion that practice makes perfect and thereby easier. All opinions and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance. Laura in NV

The question is: My ten-year-old boy hates anything to do with writing — how much actual time per day should I require him to hold a pencil (art, handwriting, workbooks, composition, math, etc.)? Let’s take a survey. How much time per day does your ten-year-old boy spend holding a pencil?