Studying the Kings of the Bible

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I am going
 through the Old Testament very slowly with my 8-year-old. We have been using
 The Bible Story Library Volume II edited by Turner Hodges. We also are using The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History. I noticed that Greenleaf covers
 the kings of Judah and Israel better than the Bible Story book
, but I do not know how important it is to go back and really
 study the kings of Judah and Israel. 
I did an internet search and there is a lot of info on this, and I myself
 am becoming quite overwhelmed by this period in time. 
Does anyone have any great ideas on how to teach the kings of Judah and
 Israel to elementary age children, or maybe some activities or crafts we 
can do? How in-depth should
 a parent go with a 3rd/4th grader into the kings?

My suggestion is to read through Kings and Chronicles using The Reese Chronological Bible, and as you read, have them find the names of 
the kings on The Wall Chart of World History. If you would like to further
 solidify the information, they could draw pictures to add to the timeline.
 In this way you have allowed them to hear it, see it, and handle it.

Wall Chart 4