Studying Ancient History from a Christian Perspective

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What is the primary difference between your Ancient History from Primary Sources: A Literary Timeline textbook/DVD and your Significant Excerpts ebooks? Also, can the texts be printed from the DVD? Thanks so much! Kristina Solid

The Ancient History from Primary Sources: A Literary Timeline DVD contains the full texts of many hundreds of books by ancient authors – Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Babylonian. It is like having an entire library of classical literature, except that you have it on a DVD instead of having actual hard copies of the books. The DVD gives you the option of printing out any of these books if you wish.

The Ancient History from Primary Sources: A Literary Timeline textbook will help you use these books by ancient authors by:

1. providing the citations (book, chapter, line) for significant excerpts (just the citations are listed in the textbook — not the actual texts of the excerpts)

2. detailing biographical data on the authors – including lists and descriptions of their works

3. providing you with a timeline coordinating the numerous significant excerpts with historical events.

All of the classical literature excerpts are coordinated with Bible history and biblical excerpts.

Our Significant Excerpts ebooks (we have four different ebooks now available) are compilations of significant excerpts (citation AND entire text of the excerpt) arranged chronologically. Some of the excerpts are the same as those listed in Ancient History from Primary Sources, but the ebooks have many more excerpts. All of the classical literature significant excerpts are coordinated with excerpts from the Bible. And again, the ebooks contain not only the citation of each excerpt, but the entire text of the excerpt.

The Significant Excerpts ebooks are an extension of Ancient History from Primary Sources, adding more significant excerpts for the student to refer to as he studies ancient history from a Christian perspective.

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  1. Kellie

    I know you mentioned earlier that you used David Rohl’s chronology for this book…I know he has made some updates to his dating and am wondering if any of these changes apply to your book? Also, I have been looking at David Down’s book “Unwrapping the pharoahs” and noticed slight differences when compared to David Rohl. Do you use any of David Down’s dating in this book?
    I would greatly appreciate any insight you could give!

    Thanks so much!


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