Starting over at 50 — where should I begin?

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I’ve been impressed with your website and materials. Sadly, all my children are grown and gone and didn’t get the education they should have. I’m realizing I was not able to educate them well because I am not a logical person. Over the last year I have worked at it but have only made a little headway. I am 50 and would really like to learn more. Pre-logic is where I need to start. Also, it seems obvious that I am poor in math. I know the basics of math but get lost quickly after that. Would you have some suggestions for me? Thank you, Lora B.

Here are three suggestions:

1. Here is a good pre-logic course — The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning — after this book you can follow this course of study for logic.

2. Write one paragraph a day, on any subject you want. If you would like something more organized, purchase a writing curriculum geared for adults. Set up a reading program for yourself. There are many different opinions on what a good reading list looks like. But, better yet, subscribe to the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum and take their English/history/literature courses. I think this would be particularly useful to you as it would be your reading, writing, and history combined.


3. Determine where you would be in math (maybe 8th or 9th grade) and
get a textbook. Most math curriculum have placement tests so you can determine which level you would be in.