Spellbound by Marcia Montenegro

Author Marcia Montenegro, former professional astrologer, now believer in Jesus Christ, wrote this book to “inform parents about the basics of the paranormal” but more importantly, to warn us of the real danger of the now widespread, near common place, occurrence of all things occultic. We have now become desensitized

to the bizarre, to violence, and to evil. This desensitization gradually increases, but often in ways so subtle, the person is unaware of it. It is as if invisible calluses develop on the person’s spirit, mind, and emotions. This effect may only be noticeable to others after a period of time.

The chapter “Calluses on the Soul” alone is worth the price of the book.

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  1. Sandra Driggers

    Thanks for posting this. I haven’t read the book, but Marcia has been a personal help to me over email and through her site. I believe it must be excellent and I appreciate you having gotten her name and her mission out on your site. This information is greatly needed today, as in days past.

  2. Summer

    Wow. What an insulting post, and one that has absolutely nothing to do with homeschooling yet posted in the carnival of homeschooling. I’m sure I could easily find a book warning parents of the dangers of homeschooling, probably one written by a former homeschooler now turned public school advocate. Would that fit in the carnival of homeschooling as well?

  3. Janine

    Do you have the link to Marcia Montenegro’s site? I would like to check her out.

  4. Marcia Montenegro

    Thanks for reviewing my book!


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