I haven’t been able to post much lately. Harvey and I traveled to Virginia to attend a barn dance and then on to East Tennessee to give seminars with a particular famous person. While at the barn dance, someone tricked me into eating some stuff out of a very large vat — they said it was mashed raspberries with other fruit. Well, it was fruit all right — the fruit of some kind of hot pepper plant. And it must have been a type of hot pepper they grown somewhere far away because no human could possibly eat much of it and live. Anyway, they say I cried some, but I don’t remember. All I know is that something is wrong with my voice — it’s been a week and I still can’t talk.


  1. Henry Cate

    I hope your voice recovers soon.

  2. Gena

    The only famous one was YOU, and let me tell you…people were EXCITED about the talk you gave. The buzz around here is definitely out. I think you surprised people because perhaps they expected something more rigid…like exercises in Latin. Or all kinds of formal education at an early age. Instead, you could almost see the (rather large) group sigh with relief as you eloquently shared the ten things parents should do with kids under ten years old. Parents sat up a little taller, I think, as you assured us we are to relax a little and to really focus on relationship building. Really good stuff. And we could relate. You spoke our language. Bravo and please continue. You definitely have a message that needs to be shared.

    -gena (and Paul misses Harvey – when are you moving out here again?) LOL

  3. JenIG

    It was a good thing that gena brought the ‘mild’ salsa for the barn dance. Sheeesh, Laurie, we need to toughen you up.
    PS I told (narrated triumphantly) all about your presentation to geoff and he is really bummed he missed it. We’ve both decided to implement the advice you gave. thanks for the wisdom you shared!


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