Solutions to Dawdling

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We have had two dawdling sons. With the oldest, his dawdling skills were perfected at about the age of 12. He was old enough to stay home alone, so if we had an errand planned, he had to stay home if his work was not done. We were not on the go a lot, so this was something he did not want to miss. Whatever we had planned, we would just go on without him. He soon became my best worker.

Next we had a 9 yo dawdler. I looked over our school work and saw that just about any assignment should be able to be finished within 20 minutes. I bought a timer, and they set it for the allotted time when they begin a task. If they finish before the timer goes off, the remaining time is free time. If it’s not finished, it is set aside, we go on to the next subject or task, and the work must be finished at the end of the school day. This alone has worked wonders. No one wants to be sitting alone at the table working while the rest of us are outside playing. We rarely have anyone with work after school anymore.

Patricia in MO


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