Singapore Math or Saxon?

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Dear Laurie,

We have started math again with Hannah. I have taught her Singapore Math since she was 6, and I have the books 5B and 6A and 6B so I thought that we should continue in the same track. My concern with that decision is two-fold. First, I am not aware how the programme transitions into higher math and considering we might be moving to the U.S., would Saxon Math not suit better in that environment (metric vs imperial and more help and support from the homeschooling community). Secondly, Singapore Math requires that I teach her the concepts at the beginning and during each chapter. I hear from other homeschoolers that their 10-year-old and above children just work with Saxon Math on their own, which is very attractive. On the other hand, the big plus that I see Singapore Math has is the large and varied array of word problems that bring math into real life. In fact, most of the problems are posed in the frame-work of situations rather than abstract numbers. I find that this approach encourages her to think and apply her knowledge. I find them challenging too, which is why I have to get involved quite regularly. What do you think?



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