Should Christians Market Young Living Essential Oils?

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by Stacy McDonald

…James and I market essential oils for a secular company that produces the purest and most therapeutically effective essential oils on the planet. They also sometimes word their materials in ways with which we, as Christians, don’t agree, or in ways that may make us uncomfortable.

To begin with, Young Living does not claim to be a “Christian company” (if there actually is such a thing). However, in almost every area, it is run in a way that is consistent with, and very friendly to, Christian family values. We have witnessed the integrity and ethical attitude of the corporate leadership, as well as in many of Young Living’s successful independent distributors. You see, while Young Living is technically a secular company, there are many, many Christians who are involved in it – and it shows.

One of the beauties of network marketing, specifically with Young Living, is that we are free to run and promote our organizations with our own priorities and flavor. While that means a lot of religious diversity, it also means religious freedom….

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  1. Michele

    Interesting read…I only resond bc it has been only recently that I have had so many friends who have started to sell products…arbonne, a wrap of some kind for tightening skin, jewelry and handbags and a lot of new living essential oils. Often there are parties. The only product I like and see a use for are the oils…the others seem like pyramid schemes and have completely made some aspects of communication with people hard to take. I have felt like a “mark” with cold calls from acquaintances or “friends” kind of high pressure ltactics to, ‘have a party’ and invites at church to parties…..every Sunday.
    Now, I don’t fault women for trying to have a business or an evening with friends…but it has really left a sour taste in my mouth. It is difficult to ascertain people’s intentions and I find it very questionable, especially peddling before and after church. Now, I’m not a Sour puss usually but labeling everytihing, “christian this and christian that” it’s just appalling. New Living however, seems to have some tag lines that look too new agey for me…but If I’m looking for a product…and they appear reputable…and its not in your face like the handbag line or the make up line…I think. I’m okay with it. But overall- Jesus was a face to face savior and he didn’t peddle any goodies. I try to be an alert consumer so…I just wish people would stop making my God a tag line And just sell the product on its effectiveness.

    • LaurieBluedorn

      Yes, I’ve read all that Sola Sisters has written on the topic. I consider their arguments weak. I appreciate it, though, that you posted this.

  2. Lori

    I can appreciate Michele’s response. I feel, as a HS mom especially, I can get a little lean in the connecting-with-other-adults department, and when someone invites me over, I admit I’m very excited to spend time with others, but then it seems such a letdown when they’re only trying to sell me something, or that the only reason people meet in groups is to sell/pitch a product.

    Otherwise, I believe it’s fair to promote whatever you like, I just wish people would make more time for people. It might be simply my circumstance, though. I will get through the elementary years!! haha


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