Shortest and Coldest Day of the Year

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It’s 5 below zero with 25 mph winds here in New Boston, Illinois.

What’s it like today where you live?


  1. Linda Barrette

    Freezing – literally! Kenosha, WI was -7 at 9:00a with a windchill of -35. We’re in an urban area so the drifting snow isn’t too bad here. We have ice on the inside of some of our west facing windows. The pics are great – you are quite brave to go out in this. My boys would like to know how the horses handle the low windchill and do they want to go outside the barn even though its soooooo cold???

  2. Laurie Bluedorn

    Actually, those pictures were taken last year. It is so bad today that the camera might be damaged if we took it outside. The horses are huddled up in their 3-sided building and the dogs are crowded together in the porch. It is up to negative 1 now and the wind has to be close to 30mph.

  3. Kimberly

    Right now in Michigan, it is 8 degrees with a windchill of -14.

  4. Leslie

    In central Arizona, it was 65 and sunny today. 🙂

  5. Katie West

    When this was posted it was cold here in Missouri! (Though Ava tells me a tropical paradise compared to you.) Today it is 40 and very muddy out!!!

    Neat pictures! Horses are so brave to go through this every year outside. Liesl is simply adorable in her pink sweater! Always love seeing her in it! 😀 Looks like Helena knows how to dress for the weather! 🙂


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