Sermon Recommendations

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Meaning of the Cross by Paul Washer
“In order for us to be forgiven, God has to die as an abomination in our place. You and I deserve to be crushed under God’s wrath. In order for God to save us and forgive us he was crushed under His own wrath. That’s what the cross is. That’s what it means.”

Fixing Pop Views of Marriage Part 1 by Paul Washer
Mainly addressed to husbands, but wives can benefit from this talk also. “Have you ever heard somebody say, ‘There’s no love like a Mother’s love.’ That’s not biblical. …The most important person in your life is to be your wife, even after children come. Many times children are loved by their parents simply because they [parents] are starved of the love they should be receiving from their spouse. She is not to be so needy of love that when children come she begins to almost feed upon them, and draw from them the very thing she ought to be drawing from you. Your children will be the happiest children in the world if they know that you love this woman more than anyone on the face of this earth. …” One of the best talks on marriage I’ve ever heard.

Fixing Pop Views of Marriage Part 2 by Paul Washer
Mainly addressed to wives. “Many women think their husbands are incompetent, so they want to train their husbands to be the men they ought to be…. You’re going to train this man to be the man he ought to be? You’re not a man; you’re not trained to be a man; you’re not wired to be a man; you’re not called to be a man. You can’t train him to be a man. Let him go! And let God train him. ‘Well, I just don’t trust that he’s going…’ No. When you say that you don’t trust that he’ll change, what you’re saying is that you don’t trust that God will change him — either that He cannot because He has no power, or He will not because He’s not covenant keeping.”