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I’m working my way through the oldest sermons posted on Sermon Audio. Here are some of my favorites:

Come, Ye Thirsty Ones by B. B. Caldwell (May 14, 1975)

Hindrances to Holiness by W. P. Nicholson (August 25, 1950)

Beware of the Religious Word Game by A. W. Tozer (January, 1960)

Revive Us Again by Duncan Campbell (January, 1950)

Lewis, Land of Revival by Duncan Campbell (March, 1950)

Can Two Walk Together by James Macginlay (April 6, 1951)

The Whosoever Wills of the Bible by Rolfe Barnard (1960’s)

In Revive Us Again, Duncan Campbell tells us how he was converted in the very early part of the 20th century and some of how the Lord dealt with him during WWI. But the best part of this sermon was his recounting of a revival he saw in the UK — a real revival, not a fake one.

Lewis, Land of Revival is sort of a sermon/documentary of the revival which took place on the island of Lewis many years ago. It includes the testimony of people who were converted by this revival.

Beware of the Religious Word Game is interesting for its historical value because it is A. W. Tozer himself speaking. I don’t agree with some of Tozer’s theology, but in this sermon he talks about the games people play in churches.

Nicholson in Hindrances to Holiness lists reasons (sins) why we as Christians are hindered from serving the Lord as we should.

James Macginlay’s text in Can Two Walk Together is Amos 3:3 and it was delivered at a Bob Jones University Bible Conference in 1950. Macginlay is quite entertaining with his humor and his Scottish accent, and he shows us that salvation isn’t just a matter if a simple “decision.”

B. B. Caldwell was quite old when he recorded the sermons on Sermon Audio, but they are powerful. Come Ye Thirsty Ones preaches the Doctines of Grace.

And, of course, there is Rolfe Barnard, my all-time favorite preacher. The Whosoever Wills of the Bible is my second favorite of his — my favorite is Casting Pearls Before Swine.