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How to Have a Stable Home by Jim Berg
Includes traits of an “others-centered” man.

Identifying Satan’s Voice by Charles A. Stewart
Satan is constantly trying to put his thoughts into our mind. Satan’s voice will come to you in your moments of vulnerability (spiritually or physically). Stewart lists common moments of vulnerability, which includes both weak and victorious moments in a person’s life. Satan’s voice will sound very reasonable and logical and often very comforting. Instead of focusing on getting our needs met, we should focus on doing the will of God, which will help us discern the voice of Satan.

Choosing to Love by Greg Mazak
Evaluates what it means to be “in love” and is it Biblical to assume that being “in love” is the foundation to a marriage. A Biblical marriage is a covenant before God, a covenant of lifelong companionship.

Chosen to Salvation by Henry Mahan
This is not a dry lecture on election, but a powerful, spirit-filled sermon that will keep the attention of even the very young.


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