Science and History Projects — one of the best parts of homeschooling

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Throughout our homeschooling years, from 1975-2001, science and history projects were a big part of our curriculum. It was the fun part of homeschooling and served to make the learning stick. Here are photos of some of our projects.

4 Nathan
An early project on robots

8 November, Homeschool Hostory Expo, Family
Our primitive attempt at costuming

Homeschool History Fair, Nathan and project
The Great Exhibition of 1851

3 May, Johannah, Science Fair
The Effect of Leaving Out Different Ingredients in Bread

3 May, Nathan, Science Fair
Nate’s first science fair project

7 Mercer County Fair, Nathan and ribbon
Lots of ribbons on this one

8 November, Homeschool Hostory Expo, Nathan
Leonardo Da Vinci

Fall Science Fair Project, Johannah
Johannah and her African Violet experiment

Fall Science Fair Project, Nathan
Increased pressure and growing plants

Homeschool History Fair, Ava and project
Ava and Queen Victoria

Homeschool History Fair, Helena 2
Helena — All three girls worked on the same project this year

Homeschool History Fair, Johannah

Nathan's history project
Nate’s Great War project

Fall Science Fair Project, Hans
Hans and his rock project

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  1. Kristy

    I’d be curious to know your son’s results with the ELF waves on germination. I suffer badly from EMF sickness and cannot be around WiFi, cell towers, etc. and have been researching this topic for about 7 years now. It’s interesting that you guys picked up on the issue at such an early point in the technologies history, at least compared to most. Thanks!


    The plants grown near the electromagnet didn’t grow well. I think some even died.


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