Ron Paul’s comments on homeschooling

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Taken from The Facts.

“It’s very important we encourage home-schooling and make sure it’s always legal, and our governments never decide they know best,” Paul said. “Too often, our government would like to be the parent. Home-schoolers know exactly who’s responsible for education, and that’s the parent.”

Americans should be allowed the freedom to study, worship and raise families as they please, he said.

“Have a sense of values,” Paul said. “That comes from family. That comes from church. That comes from community. Life is precious. Life and liberty are a gift of God. If we do not put the effort in to protect those liberties, we can lose them. The Constitution and our government are to protect our liberties. Ultimately, you will have to invest some time protecting liberty.”

Home-schooled students often know more about the U.S. Constitution than public-educated ones, and they sometimes have the advantage of a more Christian background, Paul said. Respect for God’s law and man’s law are both important, he said.

Spoken at a homeschool graduation ceremony.